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Toshi Relax


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  • Relaxing and calming
  • Can be used against stress
  • Improves concentration
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Toshi Relax


Toshi Relax - relaxing and calming for dogs

  • Unique composition
    The unique composition made up of vitamin B1 (needed to convert food into energy) vitamin B2 (essential for normal growth and development) vitamin B5 (influences the build up and the decomposition of proteins and fats, gets the energy out of fats) vitamin B6 builds up the immune system and helps with the digestive system) vitamin B9 (folic acid - plays a vital part in the cardiovascular system.)
  • Beneficial against stress and anxiety
    Passion flower extract (scientifically proven to be beneficial against stress and all related side effects such as stomach and bowel issues, a faster working thyroid, heart palpitations and nervousness).
  • Positive effect on a stressed skin.
    Melissa Officinalis (harmonizing for the whole body, both the inside and the outside. Also softens the effects of stress on the skin and hair loss)
  • Preservation of muscles
    Helps the amino acid synthesis, needed to build up and preserve muscles)
    Amino acids L-Tryptophan(plays an important role in treating bowel problems and stress)

* Filled by weight. Net Contents 90g

Worldwide approved quality

Only the best is good enough for your dog. In order to guarantee the very best quality, Toshi applies the highest available quality standards. These standards ensure that Toshi Multi-Vitamins meet all requirements for top quality food that is 100% safe for your pet!

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Waarom zijn voedingssupplementen belangrijk voor honden en katten ?

De bereiding van dierenvoeding gebeurt op hoge temperaturen om het verteringsproces bij honden en katten makkelijker te maken. Daardoor gaan echter essentiële vitamines en mineralen verloren. Om een optimale conditie van uw huisdier te ondersteunen is het bijgevolg aangewezen extra voedingssupplementen aan het dieet van honden en katten toe te voegen.

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