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About us

The Toshi Story

100% natural

Toshi was developed by three friends on their quest to find the ideal nutritional supplement to improve the health and vitality of their pets. Toshi is Japanese for reflection or mirror image, and that’s exactly what the company represents, the unique and powerful bond between pet and caregiver. Anyone caring for the wellbeing of animals will agree that a pet is more than just a pet. He’s your best friend and a full part of the family.

Your dog as your best friend

In order to improve our health and general quality of life, the market provides us with millions of different nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, ... Our research has proven the beneficiary effects of Toshi Multi-Vitamins, ensuring smooth digestion in order to increase vitality and provoking a beautiful shiny coat. Toshi Multi-Vitamins Omega-3 is the perfect solution for keeping your pet fit!

100% natural

Probably the most complete, natural multi-vitamin

The Toshi-team has a clear mission. Researching which nutrients are essential in order to ensure our pet’s perfect health, we learned about the highly beneficiary effects of Omega-3. These are polyunsaturated fish fatty acids, extracted from all-natural fish oil, that mainly contribute to the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Combined with vitamins A, B, D and E it increases the effect of the immune system, ensures flexible joints and counteracts excessive hair loss. We are very proud about having created a perfectly balanced vitamin complex, Toshi Multi-Vitamins with Omega-3.

100% natural

We only want the best for dogs

Only the best is good enough according to Toshi. Researching the beneficiary effects of Toshi Multi-Vitamins on our pets was our top-priority; optimizing the flavour seemed equally important to us. We tested the flavour of the Toshi Multi-vitamin capsule on around a thousand dogs, who were unanimously enthused about the subtle mint flavour. Mint is known for its soothing effect on the stomach, but also contributes to a fresher breath. Our test-team of dogs and owners is unanimously satisfied.

We are strong together!

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