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If you have a dog in the house, then you know that shed dog hair here and there is possible. Especially with long-haired dogs. During the moulting season, namely in the spring and in the fall, it goes without saying that there are more hairs in the house, but when should you start to worry?

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, this could indicate a health problem in your dog. Diet can play an important role there. Before you run to the vet, it is best to check which food you are giving.

Tip: Omega-3 has a positive effect against hair loss!
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What are important elements in dog food?

Quality dog ​​food consists of the following elements:

  • Water
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Of course, the correct ratio of these elements is very important. For example, a lot of proteins are needed for your dog as building blocks of muscles, skin, coat and so on, while carbohydrates are needed to a lesser extent. You will find water more quickly in wet food than in dry food, but it is important to provide fresh water several times a day.

Just like humans, dogs need vitamins like vitamins A, B and E , but also minerals such as calcium and zinc that ensures healthy skin.


Against hair loss: Omega 3

Another important substance that is missing in many dog ​​foods and can therefore have a major impact on a lot of hair loss is Omega 3. This fatty acid is mainly found in oily fish, which dogs hardly eat. Fortunately, dog biscuits with Omega-3 from natural fish oil that you can give to your dog every day.

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